ウリチパン郡 / ジャイアント・クラブ

ウリチパン郡 / ジャイアント・クラブ
[ Artist ]ウリチパン郡
[ Title ]ジャイアント・クラブ
[ Release ]23 April. 2008
[ Price ]¥2,625 (tax in)
[ Number ]DDCA-7002
[ Genre ]J-POP
[ Artwork ]urichipangoon
Tatsuhiko Asano - SPACEWATCH

1. ゼノン / Zenon 2. パヤパヤ / Paya Paya
3. 記憶のパノラマ / Coast Of The Smiling Monolith 4. カルマブルース / Karma Blues
5. テルマ / Terma 6. 奪うは陰gm分けるは陽 / Openly, Secretly 7. Boy
8. アトランティス / Atlantis 9. Limited Leaf 10. ファン菌 / fun-KIN


2003年OORUTAICHI(オオルタイチ)とYTAMO(ウタモ)により結成。完全なホームレコーディングで完成させた1stアルバム「せん」を奈良のインディーレーベルscilli disques(シリディスク)よりリリース。その後2004年ライヴ活動に伴い、かねてより交流のあった(dr)千住宗臣、(key)亀井奈穂子がメンバーとして加入し、様々なイベントにおいてライヴ活動を展開。さらにそれに伴いバンドサウンドへと移行し、スタジオでのセッションをもとに楽曲を構築していくスタイルへと変化させた。個々に活動していたメンバーが数々のセッションライブやスタジオワークを経て得てきたものが濃密に注ぎ込まれ、ジャンルのみならず、時代をも飲み込むフレキシブルなサウンドを生み出す結果となった。
ウリチパン郡 Special Site

The band was formed in 2004 by OORUTAICHI and YTAMO. The first album “Sen” was completely home-recorded and released from the Nara based independent label scilli disques. In 2004, they invited Muneomi Senju (dr) and Nahoko Kamei (key) whom they had already collaborate with, playing live shows in various music events. With this transition, they shifted to a new band sound while honing a new style of songwriting and composing songs based on studio sessions. What they were able to build through the live sessions as well as the studio work was poured in to create the best sound, without losing spontaneity.
Recent work includes sessions in July, 2006 with Argentine Musica Frontera musicians with whom UA also collaborated. They also took part in live sessions with Argentine musicians such as Fernando Kabusacki, Alejandro Franov and Santiago Vasquez also known for supporting Juana Molina. The path they pursue is a unique one which crosses over songwriting to improvisations.
urichipangoon Special Site



Could the ultimate state of Pop music be folk songs?
The thought came to mind when listening to this album.
It’s obvious that they’ve taken time with great care.
Ryuichi Sakamoto


I feel so thrilled to have ever encountered such music. They are, for sure, one of the best pop groups around.
Already standing at the pinnacle of alternative pop, they show us the music of the future.
Shugo Tokumaru


Have they come drifting from the south on the warm current? I’ve never set ears on music by such gentle pervs.


No doubt, it is the first time I’ve ever heard such a sound where there was no hint of a déjà-vu or predilection.
But when I feel the body cells in my pinky(finger) twitching in happy oblivion, I can’t help thinking that their music might have been connected to me in many ways I’ve never recognized before……
The mystery of Urichipangoon leaves me ever more mystified.
Yayako Uchida


“Greetings, from the world of Urichipangoon!”
It has been a while since the locality in music has disappeared from the collective labor in the fields, as the only reminder being the repertoire of barley stomping songs. After the industrial revolution, machines were the first to kill the repertoires in collective production. At the same time, the rhythm of the new machines fascinated us and created a new sense of collective bonding=unity. This sensation brings us to the birth of techno. In present times, while local communities shifted gears to new cyber communities, its size expanded enormously with the www, but bigger songs that can communicate universally, such as Rokumonsen’s “Tabidachi-no-Uta (Songs of Departure)” or Haruo Minami’s “Sekai-no-kuni-kura-Konnichiwa (Greetings from the world over)” have become next to extinct. As everyone hopped on the gnat-picking marketing bandwagon, community-based music exists only on a small scale amongst few friends. With that in mind, the new work by Urichipangoon whose music is made with a strong longing for fictional folklore shows a bigger scale that might become the labor songs of 21st century Zipang. They offer us a new pop music that shows a larger perspective.
Yuichi Kishino


They say, in the land of Urichipangoon, there is a secret road. It is a hidden path that connects us to any place in the world. The ones who ‘know’ the way are these four musicians, and what we need to know is their music that connects us to their world.
Kazuhisa Uchihashi

おそらくその理由は、この音楽が持つ、ある種の普遍性が、我々の琴線に触れるという事なんだと思う。特にメロディにはそのことを強く感じさせられる。このメロは、我々モンゴロイドが共通に持つ(宿す) タネが発芽したものだ。メロだけではない。声や、リズムや、曲自体のカタチや、全体の空気まで、なんとも懐かしい斬新さに襲われる。そして、それでいて、というか、それだからこそか、ウリチパン郡は、完璧に彼らだけの「律」を持っている。ちょっとこういう芸当はできないし、おいそれとこんなバンド出てこないのである。

If I were to make a comment on the new work by Urichipangoon, I must say that their music is a most mysterious one.
It leaves you in wonder but also makes you feel like you’ve been listening to them for years.
Seiichi Yamamoto

ゼノン / Zenon (edit ver.) [ director 島田大介 (Qotori film) ]

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